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Summer School of MU 2011

About this summer school

This summer school is focused on the advanced methods of biomedical image analysis. The main goal is to make the students familiar with the state-of-the-art advanced methods such as level sets, graph cuts, mathematical morphology, image registration and fusion approaches, optical flow for time-lapse imaging, multi-dimensional image acquisition and analysis, biomedical image data properties (e.g., noise types), etc. Focus will be on methodology suitable for multiple applications (multiple modalities) rather than a particular application.

Target group are Master and Ph.D. students of computer science, mathematics or engineering backgrounds specialized in signal and image processing. Students are supposed to know basics of signal and image processing and have some programming experience in this field.

The main activities of the course will be theoretical lectures supplemented by practical examples on computers. Moreover, students will have to work out a non-trivial home assignment within 2 months after the end date of the school to confirm they understand the subject and to prove they can apply the gained knowledge in solving practical biomedical image analysis tasks. The home assignment will train students in both theoretical thinking about the image analysis algorithms suitable for the given task as well as in implementing the solution on a computer in a selected programming language.

Summer School of Masaryk University 2011
Centre for Biomedical Image Analysis, Faculty of Informatics

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