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Topics and Courses


  • 3D Deconvolution Microscopy (with DeconvolutionLab2) (Daniel Sage)
  • Biomedical Image Registration (Jan Kybic)
  • Introduction to Advanced Mathematical Morphology (Petr Matula)
  • Advanced Mathematical Morphology in Bioimage Analysis (Petr Dokládal)
  • Ilastik: Interactive Machine Learning for Bioimage Analysis (Anna Kreshuk)
  • Generative Adversarial Networks in (Bio)medical Image Analysis (Jelmer M. Wolterink)
  • Simulation of embryogenesis; Segmentation and Detection in large 3D image data (Johannes Stegmaier)
  • Exploiting cell dynamics for time-lapse microscopy imaging analysis (Tammy Riklin Raviv)
  • Spatial statistics: Exploring the information extracted from bioimage data (Carolina Wählby)
  • Benchmarking of Bioimage Analysis Algorithms (Michal Kozubek)

Virtual Autumn Course of Masaryk University 2020
Centre for Biomedical Image Analysis, Faculty of Informatics

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